Up Surf Coaching


Up Surf Coaching is set up to help you get good at surfing fast with quality beginner and intermediate surf lessons. We have small group size lessons, a personal approach and we customise our lessons to your skill level.

  • Become a well rounded surfer with theory, forcasting and equimpment advice
  • if you have surfed before and are struggling to progress we'll help you fix up those bad habbits 

Duration: 2hrs


Surf Lesson

 $75.00 p.p 2hrs          3ppl minimum 

$130.00 p.p  private lesson (Intermediate)

Surf Courses

3-5 Days     $270.00-$500.00

Ngarunui/ Manu Bay

Surf Courses run regularly, times are set for when the conditions are best

Price from: $75.00 p.p