Freedom Camping in Raglan

Important Update 4/3/19: Raglan Recreation Reserve has now been cancelled as a Freedom Camping location by the local council due to abuse of the site by campers. All other Freedom Camping locations are still available for use, trusting that you follow the below guidelines.
Respect The Environment:

Please leave no trace of your visit. Dispose of all rubbish in bins or take it with you.

To freedom camp in Raglan your campervan or motorhome must be certified fully self-contained (with a toilet, wastewater tank and rubbish facilities on board). Please observe all no-camping signs. 

Freedom Camping locations are marked in green on the map below:

- Middle sections of James St & Wallis St

- Grass area at start of Simon Rd

Dump Station is located next to the public toilets on Marine Parade.



For a full list of 'red-zones' or where you cannot park - please check the council's website here

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